Many of the associates and friends of Nazrul, and people of his age who were closely in touch with him narrated their reminiscent account about Nazrul. These reminiscences will help know what a great personality Nazrul belonged to. 

Poet's visit to Mymensingh

Nazrul’s stay at Mymensingh was short but the memory of his fist visit in Mymensingh remained vivid throughout his life. Nazrul mentioned his indebt much later in a message sent to the organizers of the MYMENSINGH DISTRICT PEASANTS’ AND WORKERS’ CONFERENCE on January 17, 1926. Thought having invitation he could not attend the conference due to illness. The message reads –
"Mymensingh is not a new place to me. I’m particularly indebt to this district. I passed some of my childhood days there. I read in a school in Mymensingh. Those fond days of my life remain vivid in my memory”

Comrade Muzaffar's account

Comrade Muzaffar Ahmed very closely observed Nazrul as he stayed and worked with him. He narrated the musical genius of Nazrul at his early life in his memory. He says:
“Nazrul sang a number of songs for his admirers the very night he come to live in the office of the “Bengali Muslim Literary Association” in Calcutta. During those days he usually sang songs of Rabindranath Tagore and everyone would be struck with wonder, observing that a very large number of Tagor’s songs he got by heart. Nazrul’s voice of singing was not so-called sweet. But it was lively. He could enliven a song while singing and capture the listeners mind in the deepest sympathy. With this Nazrul was able to established a popular image of himself as a singer and collected a around him a large number of admirers who came mostly from students and middle class families. Having invitation he would sing songs in many family functions. Often he would go to factory area to sing for the laboring people who had very keen admiration for Nazrul for his upholding of their causes of pains in his speeches and songs. This is how Nazrul Islam began his Calcutta life at the age of 21."

Comrade Muzaffar Ahmed

Comrade Muzaffar Ahmed had close association with Kazi Nazrul Islam. In his memory he narrated many more about Kazi Nazrul Islam.
Ahmed, (Comrade) Muzaffar (1889-1973)  revolutionary and pioneer of the communist movement in India. Affectionately called Kakababu (uncle) by party comrades and sympathisers, he was a true communist in every sense of the term. His way of life and functioning was a role model for other communist followers. Son of Mansur Ali, a lawyer, Muzaffar Ahmed was born on 5 August 1889 at Sandwip in Noakhali District. He had his early schooling in Kargill High School, Sandwip. Later, he moved to a Madrasa, and still later to Noakhali Zilla School. more.

Rebel Poet Nazrul