The message of Rabindranath Tagore

In spite of having financial crisis, Nazrul decided to launch a Bi-Weekly titled Dhumketu (The Comet) and on August 11, 1922, he came out with his paper. For the goodwill of his new born paper, Dhumketu,  Nazrul asked for messages from the persons he revered. Among them were Rabindranath Tagore, Charatchandra Chattapadhyaya, Barindrakumar Ghose and others. Tagor's message was very significant and in a very small poetic composition it outlined the purposes of Nazrul's coming out with the Bi-Weekly. Rabindranath wrote:
To Kazi Nazrul Islam 

Come, ye Comet
Come to build a bridge of fire
across the dark.
Hoist up your flag of victory
On the top of the castle
of ominous time.
Let omen be curved
on the forehead of night
And awake by startling
those who are drowsing.

Shravan 24, 1329 Bengali Year
Shri Rabindranath Tagore 


The message of Sharathchandra Chattapadhyaya

Being requested by Kazi Nazrul Islam, Sharathchandra Chattapadhyay wrote a message for the goodwill of the Bi-Weekly Dhumketu (The Comet). He wrote:
By wishing the long life for your paper I can only say: Let you achieve the courage  to tell the truth irrespective of friend and foe. Then God will certainly bear Himself the burden of your paper.

Sharathchandra Chattapadhyay

Rebel Poet Nazrul