Nazrul as a Musician

Along with a notable identity as a rebel poet, Kazi Nazrul Islam was a great music composer also. He was a most versatile creative genius of the 20th century and touched almost all the genres of literature. He composed the highest recorded songs in the world. It can be said here that Nazrul composed about 4000 songs, which may be a world record. But still it’s not clearly ascertained the exact number of songs, lyrics or poems he composed. However, it may safely be guessed that this number will not fall below 3500.

Like other poets or song writers, Nazrul showed the symptoms of keen poetic and musical talent at his tender age and started writing songs when he was a member of a Leto group (Folk Musical Group). Following Kazi Bazle Karim, his uncle and a leader of a Leto group, he became expert in composing songs and setting them to tunes. Joining Leto group enhanced his musical career and put a significant impact on shaping his future musical life. At very young age he was excelled in composing songs in different languages, apart form Bengali language. The young plant of music in Nazrul’s mind grew tree when he read in Searsol. There he met Satish Kanjilal, a teacher of Searsol School who had interest in classical music and some mastery over it. Observing
Nazrul’s irresistible inclination to music, Mr. Kanjilal imparted him some lessons on classical music. That was very much inspiring for Nazrul to refurbish his experiences on music once he gathered from Leto group and collect newer ones. Later Nazrul widened his knowledge on music when he was serving as a Havilder in Karachi Barrack under Bengali Regiment. He learned a great deal of Persian language, literature and music with the help of a religious teacher from Punjab attached with the regiment. Among other things, Nazrul was greatly fascinated with the Persian mystical love songs popularly knows Ghazals and with the help of the Punjabi teacher he was able learn more about the Ghazals.
Nazrul’s acquaintance with the tradition of Persian Ghazals, a form of love songs, was very significant in the sense that it paved the base of his successful efforts in composing Bengali Ghazals which he undertook by 1927-28. Bengali Ghazal is, it can be mentioned outright, an innovation by Kazi Nazrul Islam alone. He composed love songs, religious songs, patriotic songs and many more. Here some popular songs of Nazrul sung by some renowned singers both from Bangladesh and India were compiled. To enjoy the songs, just press play button of your favorite songs from any player uploaded below.

Legendary singer Feroza Begum, not only popularized Nazrul Sangeet in the subcontinent but also exposed the depth, versatility and sophistication of this genre of music. In fact, she is one of the very few singers whose distinct and seasoned voice gave Nazrul's Sangeet the passion and vigour that it deserved.
At a time when Nazrul Sangeet was beginning to lose its popularity due to the flawed rendition by singers, it was Feroza Begum whose passionate style restored or rather resurrected, the glory of the music genre and infused new life to Nazrul Sangeet in the middle of the last century in Kolkata. By her unique presentation style Feroza Begum has emerged as the most prominent Nazrul Sangeet singer in the subcontinent.

Feroza Begum's formal training in music began under the guidance of Chitta Roy, a close associate of Kazi Nazrul Islam. She had the brief opportunity of taking lessons from Nazrul himself. And she continued learning music from her husband Kamol Dasgupta, a legendary composer who tuned about 400 Nazrul Sangeet, till the last day of his life. Born in the 1930s, the Nazrul singer continues to uphold her legacy. She released the most successful Nazrul Sangeet albums in
India. She was the first singer to release a long play on Nazrul Sangeet in Pakistan. Feroza Begum is also a part of history: she was one of the two singers to render songs during the inauguration of the Pakistan radio's regional office in Dhaka.

Though she is popular as a Nazrul singer, she renders other music genres such as geet, ghazal, thumri, dhadra and adhunik songs. Her mastery of incorporating the delicate emotions of the lyrics has had the power to really move the audience.

Tumi Shunite cheona
Shunyo E Buke Pakhi Moor
Padmar Dheu Re
Ogo Priyo Tobo Gaan
Musafir Muchre Aankhi Jal
Laily Tumar Eseche Firiya
Janam Janam Gelo
Amay Nohe Go Bhalobaso
Mora Aar Janame Hangsa Mithun Chilam
Amar Jabar Samay Holo

Apart from Nazrul songs Mrs. Ferdous Ara is equally proficient in rendering songs of older days as well as many modern songs. Being prolific in publishing long plays, audio-cassettes and CDs, she has strongly familiarized her in widening her reputation too. One of her CDs has come to tight under auspices of HMV, the most famous Music Company of India. She has to her credit truly earned the legacy of Feroza Begum, the most time transcending Nazrul singer of Bangladesh. The audio CD "SHAON-A-RATHE" is the first of its kind that has found its publication both nationally and internationally to the sole credit of Ferdous Ara. She currently conducts and presents a monthly program titled "SHANCHITA" in the Satellite TV. She is still bent upon her continued hard efforts to hold up the Nazrul Songs in its own splendors and varying dimensions.

Ferdous Ara, an instructor of Nazrul Institute, has of late founded "SHUR SHAPTAK" -the only music school of her own. In strict adherence to grammatical accuracy, the effortless song of Ferdous Ara’s melts into tasters of melody and spontaneity, in many a celebrated occasions both at home and abroad Ferdous Ara has made her audience and viewers spell-bound with the magic of her songs. She has taken parts in as many concerts as just uncountable including the Gala Concert at Royat Albert Halt, London on invitation of Inner London Education Authority.

The most remarkable writing of Ferdous Ara's lone publication entitled "SHANGIT BHUBANE NAZRUL" testifies to her potentials as a master in Nazrul Musics. Other than in both Bengals, She has globally earned a permanent seat in the hearts of her fans as well. Crowned with glorious success this merited Artist Ferdous Ara humbly and earnestly aspires to impart higher course the Nazrul Music too. Her efforts are under way to internationalize Nazrul Songs and to translate them into multiple languages across the world. She now dedicates her entries efforts and devotion to rise to the apex of fame and glory excelling herself.


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