Kazi Narul Islam is a national poet as well as rebel poet of Bangladesh. Huge research works have been done on his life and works, and many more websites have been developed on him as well. I endeavored here to introduce Kazi Nazrul Islam precisely as well as some of his poetry to the rest of the world. It is well-nigh impossible to portray Kazi Nazrul as a whole because  Nazrul himself was a sky-like-vast personality and his creations are so huge that it's almost impossible to gather them in a website. This site is developed to present brief introduction of Nazrul and his poetry.

Most of the information I presented here are with the help of the Book titled "Kazi Nazrul Islam: A Biography" by distinguished writer Dr. Karunamay Goswami and most of  the translated poetry I presented here are translated by Kabir Chowdhury, a renowned writer of our country, and Abdul Hakim, a renowned writer also. I'm cordially grateful to those mentioned honorable writers. Moreover, I resorted to some websites to develop this site and links of those sites have also been presented here in 'Related Link' section.  Thanks for visiting this site. I request  the distinguished visitors to sign the Guest Book and leave your valuable comments.

Dr. Karunamay Goswami

I pay my heartfelt homage to this distinguished person. This site has been developed mainly depending on his book. Most of the information and articles have been collected from his book.


This site is completely a non profitable site. I'm a fan of Kazi Nazrul from when I was acquainted with Nazrul's poem and songs. My pertinacious willingness led me to create this site to present Kazi Nazrul and some of his poetry very simply to the people of other languages apart from Bengali. Nothing is mine rather I collected information from internet and books of some renowned writers of our country. If any kind of presentation violates the statutory law of copyright, please inform me over my mail. I'll omit the presentation instantly.

Rebel Poet Nazrul